Why did you move to New York? Did your husband get a job?

I have been asked this question dozens of times.  More surprisingly, I have been asked this question mostly by females, many of whom are teachers.

Here’s my response: “I’m one of the lucky ones who’s husband uprooted his life in a heartbeat when the opportunity arose for his wife to pursue her career dreams.”

Yes, I am a teacher, who moved 950 miles (in a car with her husband, dog, and crying cat) to teach in a New York City public school.

IMG_3952(not pictured-crying cat)

I began teaching in my most favorite place, Madison, WI.  Blogs, Twitter, Facebook groups, and webinars allowed me to be part of a bigger community of passionate thinkers.  After several years, I wanted to be closer to the action – in the schools where progressive teaching was taking place, in a city where I could attend conferences and institutes, and at a Teachers College Reading and Writing Project school.  So when my dear friend and inspiration for making this move, Gina Neumann, told me about an opening at an incredible school, I was on a plane the next week.

That’s what led me to my current and most favorite professional role – Kindergarten teacher at PS 59.  I work with brilliant colleagues (shoutout to my most favorite author+thinker Kristine Mraz) and administrators who inspire me and think with me every day.  I’ve been lucky enough to pick the brains of some my biggest teaching heroes.

This blog is a home for my thinking.  I am constantly questioning in my classroom and hope to think through those questions with you.  My bigger hope is that this blog becomes a place for someone who was like me, someone who is searching for that bigger community of educators to be a part of.

I now call Fort Greene, Brooklyn home.  Anyone who knows Madison (or me) knows that I still need to go to the local Farmer’s Market every Saturday.  My favorite days are spent in nature, at home with family, or running off-leash with my superhero dog, Thor.